Basic project of robotics you can start with Arduino

{ pinMode(3,OUTPUT); //LEFT MOTOR pinMode(4,OUTPUT); pinMode(5,OUTPUT); //RIGHT MOTOR pinMode(6,OUTPUT); } void loop() {//FORWARD digitalWrite(3,HIGH); digitalWrite(4,LOW); digitalWrite(5,HIGH); digitalWrite(6,LOW); delay(2000); //BACKWARD digitalWrite(3,LOW); digitalWrite(4,HIGH); digitalWrite(5,LOW); digitalWrite(6,HIGH); delay(2000); //AXIAL LEFT TURN digitalWrite(3,LOW); digitalWrite(4,HIGH); digitalWrite(5,HIGH); digitalWrite(6,LOW); delay(1000); // AXIAL RIGHT TURN digitalWrite(3,HIGH); digitalWrite(4,LOW); digitalWrite(5,LOW); digitalWrite(6,HIGH); delay(1000); }

After uploading your program your robot should do like this:


1.chassis and motors



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